Belly Punching. What the Actual Fuck?

Belly Punching. What the Actual Fuck?

Weird, right? Punching a woman's belly shouldn't be a sexual turn-on. Yet, for a select bunch, it is one of the hottest things out there. In this blog post, I'll try my best to explain this fetish, from my point of view.

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Some of us just have a belly fetish

For me, the female abdomen has always been the most attractive part of a female’s body. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole package - but the abdomen, for me, was always the main attraction. And when I say always, I actually mean it. At least, starting with the first time I caught a glimpse of an older girl’s exposed belly while she was riding the monkey bars upside down and her shirt followed Newton’s laws. I was maybe 4 or 5 years old and I just remained mesmerized by the look of her bare midriff as my sexual awakening was, well… awakening. I couldn’t explain it at the moment, but I knew that her midsection was something I loved looking at and I wanted to do a lot more to it. Of course, I didn’t know I wanted to punch it, yet.

The belly is widely considered as an erogenous region, meaning it holds multiple nerve endings that make it sensitive to various sensations. Therefore, having a belly fetish usually coincides with belly-related sexual acts including but not limited to touching/rubbing the belly region, using sex toys and other objects (e.g., food, candles, ice, feathers, massage oils) to stimulate the belly region, rubbing one’s belly against a partner’s belly, or licking or sucking the navel. For this reason, alvinolagnia often co-exists with navel fetishism (a.k.a., alvinophilia). Overall, the belly fetish is a form of partialism.

See? Even Wikipedia has a page on it

Years have passed and my obsession became stronger. By the time I entered elementary school, my eyes were acting like a tummy-seeking beacon. I especially liked the lower belly of older girls or young women with flat stomachs, specifically how the hipbones would protrude to the sides.

A few years later, the 2000s hit and the low-waisted jeans fashion was peeking to a point where almost nothing was left to the imagination below the navel. I remember walking my dog in the University campus in the summer and actively searching for sexy girls with perfectly flat, exposed midriffs. Lucky for me, the students were anything but shy. I would just glance at them while passing, trying my best to go unnoticed.

At one point, my tummy-related fantasies turned sadistic when I started to imagine how would it feel if I had a girl’s belly at my disposal, to do all kinds of things to it. I sometimes would imagine myself as a detective interrogating a very hot female suspect. As I would have to make her talk, I would torture her belly in many ways. Punching was just one of them but was the one thing I would usually take to extremes, and would gradually become my main fetish.

To be honest, for years I was pretty sure I was alone in this obsession and no one would understand. But soon my parents hooked our home with an internet connection, and I realized I couldn’t be more wrong. The audacity on me, to actually think I was that original. However, the internet also opened new ways to find belly-punching content. What was before virtually impossible, was now available in the privacy of my locked bedroom.

Fast-forward a few years, my high school years and my first girlfriend made it possible for me to start experiencing my fetish in the real world. Of course, I didn’t just start to punch girls in the stomach. But, little by little, I made progress towards that goal, until I finally found the nerve to actually do it with one of my girlfriends during sex. And from that point onwards, I was a different man.

Tummies are hot. But why would you abuse such a delicate thing?

That’s a fair question. To answer it, I would say this fetish can be summed up in two words: power and control. In the end, belly punching, just like other BDSM-related fetishes is a game of power: one partner has the power and complete control, while the other gives them up, willingly, unwillingly, or willingly-unwillingly. Most people use bondage, spanking, or choking to play this game. But for a select group of fetishists, this isn’t enough. We want complete control, over the most vulnerable area on a woman’s body: the belly. I think its vulnerability is actually what fuels our desire to abuse it.

Unlike other parts of the body, that are naturally protected by bone tissue, the abdomen is completely exposed and vulnerable. Sure, some have well-trained abdominal muscles (and we also like that, as we can go harder on them), but women usually have softer, more vulnerable tummies. That feeling when our fist sinks deep into her soft belly, her genuine reactions, and ultimately the pain we caused - for us, that’s incredibly erotic and just the most powerful turn-on.

“With great power comes great responsibility”

Batman or Spider-Man. I think it was the latter. Yeah, definitely Spider-Man 🕷️.

I know, this quote is cringe. But it’s also true, and this is the most important thing to understand if you want to play this game. When she’s all yours, when you punch the most vulnerable area of her body, she trusts you with her life, literally. Belly punching can go very wrong, very fast. So don’t get carried away, no matter how hard it is to keep a clear mind. If you can’t keep a clear mind during belly punching, don’t do it. As simple as that.

Is there any 100% safe way to practice Belly Punching?

No. But there are ways to make it pretty safe, to a point that you can practice without any major consequences:

  • As I already mentioned, keep a clear mind during BP; pay close attention to her reactions, and learn to read her body language; at times, she might be hurt but not realize it, so you need to be able to tell.
  • Safe word. You 100% need one. And that safe word shouldn’t be stop, as most of the time stop doesn’t really mean stop. The safe word can also be a sentence, but it needs to be something you both agreed upon and remember.
  • Don’t punch too hard when she’s not ready. I know, I know… Punching a relaxed belly is super hot, and catching her off-guard is even hotter, but not every punch has to be a kill shot. Softer punches can also feel really, really good. Reserve the hard punches for when she expects them. If you want to watch a video in which I punch a completely relaxed belly, you can check out “Sleeping Tammy”. You will notice my punches are softer than usual.
  • If things go really wrong, call an ambulance. In the end, you have to take responsibility for your actions. Her life is infinitely more important than you having to answer some very uncomfortable questions. If she suddenly feels a sharp pain in her abdomen that won’t go away in a few minutes, if she goes pale, throws up, or loses consciousness - that’s your cue to call emergency services and inform them over the phone that you suspect she has internal bleeding so they will treat it like a life-threatening emergency. This will likely never happen if you follow the other rules, but always be prepared for it.

In the end, is Belly Punching normal?

No, of course not. You’re literally punching a woman in the stomach, what the fuck is wrong with you? 😅

But, if you love it, you love it. You just have to accept you’re a deviant, and there’s nothing wrong with that.