Extreme Belly Punching Fantasies

Extreme Belly Punching Fantasies

In my first blog post, I briefly mentioned how my tummy-related fantasies gradually became sadistic over time and how belly punching was the one fantasy I would usually take to extremes. In today’s post, I’ll talk a bit more about what makes some fantasies extreme and explore some of the most common scenarios that go well into the red zone.

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What makes a fantasy extreme?

In my books, a sadistic fantasy can be classified as extreme when the “victim” suffers possibly irreversible damage, or the damage is life-threating. Of course, we’re talking about imaginary damage, so the limits can be pushed much further than in real life.

How much is too much?

While I strongly believe fantasies don’t actually need hard limits as long as they remain fantasies, my most extreme fantasies never go beyond the point of no return. I can understand others don’t have this limit, but I’ve always had this thing for breaking and mending, even in the fantasy world. In the next part of this post, we’ll explore some of the belly punching fantasies I classify as extreme.


This is a very common request in the custom belly punching videos community, and most producers don’t shy away from doing such clips even if 99% of them are fake. This is also one of the mildest “extreme” fantasies and actually barely made the list. While we don’t do such videos, I can understand why some people have this kink.

Vomiting is perceived as a sign that the victim’s internal organs suffer. In BP fantasies, causing as much damage as possible is arousing - thus punching (or kicking) a woman’s vulnerable belly to the point of making her vomit is a common fantasy. Vomiting is a confirmation that damage was done.

Spitting blood

This fantasy goes hand in hand with the vomiting fantasy, however, it takes things a step further. Spitting blood implies that the “victim” suffered internal bleeding. This is the confirmation that her organs are severely damaged, and some BP fetishists would find it extremely arousing. There are quite a few BP producers that also make such (obviously fake) videos.

“Turning her organs into mush”

This is an expression I sometimes hear from some of the more extreme belly punching fetishists and the fantasy goes even further than the previous two. In this scenario, the “henchman” would punch or kick a woman’s belly to the point her abdominal muscles fail and completely relax. They would continue to punch her now completely limp belly and target specific organs to “destroy”, or “turn into mush”. They would even fantasize about using things like a baseball bat or a hammer to achieve their purpose.

Punch her unconscious

This one is similar to the previous one, but this time the puncher would punch or kick a woman’s stomach until she passes out from the pain. He would then continue to torture her soft, unconscious belly. In some variations of this scenario, the puncher would revive the “victim”, just to do the same thing once again.

The point of no return

The most extreme belly fetishist’s fantasies take things beyond the point of no return. As I already mentioned, I do not condone such fantasies. In this scenario, the “victim’s” life is usually sacrificed. Sometimes it involves such actions as stabbing and gutting, shooting, or impaling.

Fantasies are fantasies

This list is by no means exhaustive, and I’m sure there are more examples of extreme fantasies. This being said, the most important thing to remember is they are only fantasies and they should never become anything more than that. There are plenty of other belly punching fantasies that can be safely explored in real life, and we’ll talk about that in a future blog post.