Tammy's Appointment
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Tammy's Appointment | GXT Videos - Real Belly Punching Videos

GXT-20 Jul 15, 2023

If you have a doctor play kink, this video is for you. After a rough belly punching session, Tammy needs to pay a visit to the doctor to get a check-up. She's embarrassed, but her tummy hurts. Little does she know the doctor is a bit of a sadist. He will enjoy pushing deep into her aching belly, exploring every bit of her tummy, causing her even more pain.

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Tammy's Appointment II

GXT-25 Aug 12, 2023

One more video for the doctor play fans. Tammy's back for another abdominal assesment, and the doc couldn't be more happy. Her tummy hurts, but this won't stop him pushing deep into her aching belly... In case you didn't know, the doctor is a sadist.

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